"hey zoey what are you thinking about"

'llamas in turtlenecks'


'i said the stock market'

re: "Feeling Like An Adult" in the workplace, part 3 

"Feeling Like An Adult" in the workplace, part 2 

So here's something I want to talk about but I dunno who would care:
"Feeling Like An Adult" in the workplace. Um, I'm gonna make a thread, here.

But like, I think it's very notable we tend to use phrasing like "be an adult" over "be a person." We have completely bizarre and late-stage capitalism concepts drilled into us, and I think it causes our imposter syndromes to fuel this impossible concept. okay, cont

Is he, you know… {hand-wipe a smile into a blank expression} straight?

i love accusing straight men of completely obtuse things that doesn't entirely makes sense, because the funnest way to antagonize them is make them not feel included

is he, you know...mimes not having a favorite color


who's got nine thumbs and is wanted by the police?

this guy

shitpost, polly ticks 

oh yeah i got a furry/weird account at @heyheather@snouts.com

I mentioned it once but I just remembered I deleted it immediately in shame
which i may do again

pda, anniversary 

the gender neutral form of god/goddess is "theyity"

I can't believe you guys kicked me out of Murder Club

gaming take 

watching pj masks with the little one and had a bad idea for a show 

hm, yes. you're single.

there's mud on your shoe, caked in a pattern suggesting you were out walking in the park during last night's rain. there's also tomato paste on your inner sleeve, suggesting you were at a restaurant last night - if you cooked with that quality sauce, you'd know what fork to use for that dish. The restaurant was something cheap, but higher quality than you're used to, judging by the ink stains on your fingers.

Also, you're covered in gross stains

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