"Hey Morty burp, I'm gonna say some toxic shit, but add juuust enough consideration and thought to make it unclear if the writer intended to make my argument or establish something about my character"

'aw gee Rick, that seems like poor writing'

"Don't worry, Morty, I know how to tell jokes and structure plot so people will assume my 'smart' writing applies to anything I say, rather than just my storytelling abilities"

'i still don't think we should wear that armband, Rick'

@zoey i appreciate the effort that went into making this both an extremely good criticism of rick and morty and also having it end on a punchline that is funnier than 90% of jokes in rick and morty itself

@pupy @zoey

you appreciate the smart parts of this joke. and meanwhile i appreciate how "burp" is just typed like it's part of the dialogue.

truly this has something for everyone!

@pupy oh my gosh what a sweet thing to say!!!
thank youu

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