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If you use my art (aside from a commission), please credit me and let me know!
Not doing so makes things a bit harder when people see my work as basically clipart.

I'd really like to make more things, but when you're jobless, any project turns into "okay, but how does this help me eat?" If you like what I do, please don't turn the usage of my stuff into a nasty surprise. Be a pal!

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when you send information from your computer, little baby birds run through wires, carrying little bits and bytes of data to the designated address. there they deliver the data, and pick up new packages to return to your own computer. this is called the internet.

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hey if any of you meet antonio banderas, tell him that zoey snyder is on her way

he won't know what it means, i just want to frighten antonio banderas

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morse code except it's horse code

cause like, they're tapping their hooves

get it? it's,
it's like a joke

okay look when i applied to do a ted talk i didn't really expect-[mic cuts off]

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#Commission stuff, #mastoart i guess? 

i just made quinn read all my Clifford posts out loud to me and then talked about my favorites

Clifford The Primary Source of Climate Change Because Of Farts

Clifford The Dog With Fleas Big Enough To Warrant Another Book Series

Clifford The Thing That Took My Daughter Emily

Clifford The Creature Enormous Enough To Level A Building With Its Tail, With The Literal Brain Of A Dog

Clifford The Dog With Blood Vessels Big Enough To Qualify As Waterslides

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