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mastodon is kinda like those fake social media sites you see in shows and games and stuff

you know, one that isn't fucking miserable

@maples i gotta exchange the size but thankkk you i love itt

maple is selling this if you want it, yall

@SuperGideon I'm constantly defeated by opponents but i sure feel like a winner u_u

i worry i'm phrasing this poorly enough to just be pretentious sounding nonsense? just like

i don't know how to feel about the fact that my distance to other people's experiences limits my compassion and what i learn from them. I'm more actively upset right now (and trying not to think about) the situations of those around me than real life world events in which um, a lot of people are dying and suffering that you don't need me to remind you of

at what point is it so far away that i naturally regard someone with the same level of empathy as a fucking fictional character?

something i'm constantly fascinated by are narratives and how they influence and affect us. like, we love to see our values reflected or experience catharsis or learn things (which is in itself pretty strange an interesting - they're kinda like education through thought experiments)

but i'm led to wonder like, at what point do other human experiences (as in, real life) fall within that realm, you know? when you're distanced enough from another person, like, at what point its potential to affect you limited to like, what fiction would be capable of?

i mean, we know that line gets crossed. it's basically how we treat history.

hey reminder about nazis and the free speech stuff

it's not really an exception to want to quiet a voice that's advocating for permanently silencing all other voices

On the back of that toy story stuff

I feel like I see way, way more kids stuff nowadays that has lessons that are way more nuanced and like, actually helpful. I really, really love to see that.

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morse code except it's horse code

cause like, they're tapping their hooves

get it? it's,
it's like a joke

okay look when i applied to do a ted talk i didn't really expect-[mic cuts off]

it's weird how hard it is to predict which of your toots get a lot of boosts and which don't

yeah i'm into fitness

fitness whole bee hive into my mouth

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@zoey would like to issue the following corrections. We regret the errors.

  • There are, in fact, several of you that could destroy me

  • I would not like to see you try

  • I have never made fun of you behind your back to god. I haven't even met god.

  • I retract my assertion that I was not drunk

  • I am not coming to any of your houses

  • I could indeed smell all that weed and in fact, did know where it came from

  • I have not eaten snakes whole and housed them inside my stomach in order to spit them out as projectiles

Everything else was true, though

yo actually on the topic of selfies, anyone wanna ignore the moustache i have here and give some thoughts on glasses? Show more

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