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hey if any of you meet antonio banderas, tell him that zoey snyder is on her way

he won't know what it means, i just want to frighten antonio banderas

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morse code except it's horse code

cause like, they're tapping their hooves

get it? it's,
it's like a joke

okay look when i applied to do a ted talk i didn't really expect-[mic cuts off]

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#Commission stuff, #mastoart i guess? 

here's my compromise on the Gif pronunciation thing.

I will agree to say "jiff" to refer to the file extension, if the rest of you agree to say hard-g "Giff" to refer to your GF

like, mae is deeply relatable but has serious character flaws - mainly that she is seriously lacking in character and needs somewhere to develop it

'be gay, do crimes' in that game doesn't seem like a moral to me, it seems like a toothless justification for a "rebellion" that's really just an excuse to take out your anger with vandalism or whatever

night in the woods is one of my favorite games ever, but i think it suffers from that thing where um

you portray something too well and maybe the wrong thing is embraced?

all skeletons are legally my property, so be good to your bones

“Hi, don’t mind the cat,” I say on my porch to the technician here to fix my AC as we step over a cat sunning itself near the steps. “Hang on, let me catch this other cat,” I say stepping inside the house. “Don’t pet him! He looks nice but that’s a lie.” I shut him in the bedroom. “Oh wait, don’t go in the kitchen yet, I have to catch another cat so he doesn’t get out in the yard,” I say, picking up one cat and hustling it into the guest bedroom, an additional cat following us

If you're a robot
and you have a display name
that's your robotnik

@zoey ewwww is this real? is this a real strip? Is the angle on this "Poor dad"?


People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow.

re: Stoned Zoey has bizarrely high praise after seeing napoleon dynamite, but like, i'm serious about it 

Stoned Zoey has bizarrely high praise after seeing napoleon dynamite, but like, i'm serious about it 

@zoey sometimes, against my better judgement, i have private decency

i don't think public decency laws should apply to me

shout out to q, cee, n bee for the efficient names

i could build a brick wall and he'd smash through it to ramble about something mundane and get mad when i don't reply constantly all day

is this what it's like to be my friend

apparently it's not effective to wear headphones or outright tell my coworker that i don't want to talk

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