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when you send information from your computer, little baby birds run through wires, carrying little bits and bytes of data to the designated address. there they deliver the data, and pick up new packages to return to your own computer. this is called the internet.

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morse code except it's horse code

cause like, they're tapping their hooves

get it? it's,
it's like a joke

okay look when i applied to do a ted talk i didn't really expect-[mic cuts off]

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#Commission stuff, #mastoart i guess? 

the gender neutral form of god/goddess is "theyity"

I can't believe you guys kicked me out of Murder Club

gaming take 

watching pj masks with the little one and had a bad idea for a show 

hm, yes. you're single.

there's mud on your shoe, caked in a pattern suggesting you were out walking in the park during last night's rain. there's also tomato paste on your inner sleeve, suggesting you were at a restaurant last night - if you cooked with that quality sauce, you'd know what fork to use for that dish. The restaurant was something cheap, but higher quality than you're used to, judging by the ink stains on your fingers.

Also, you're covered in gross stains

Re: Last Boost: I forget if I ever posted that comic about how fast we'd all get irritated with talking dogs, dunno if it'd be obnoxious to post it again

a talking dog but they don't really have much to say

This is an emergency. South Dakota is pushing to pass a law that would make affirming trans youth a crime. It is extreme and dangerous. If they succeed, it could start a tidal wave of these horrendous bills. We have already lost trans advocates in South Dakota and we need to lift up our people. Mobilize to oppose HB1057.

Okay I'm stoned and gonna cash in every bit of my nerd cred to ask you to hear me talk about why super mario brothers 3 was fun even though it's like making a case that star wars is a good movie (1/7) 

help i have one shot to get my boyfriend into adventure time. he has very high standards and tbh is a little quick to judge things imo?

So it has to really wow him

too much pressure please help

happy Zoey month to you all! I'm excited to see what mastodon does to celebrate my birthday! :-)

not only is there unhealthy amount of Jesus fanart but most of it whitewashes him too

as an admin on this server, nothing gives me more joy than complaining about it instead of working on it. Livin' life

i'm gonna fucking turn inside out from shame and i dunno why i'm doing this to myself

honestly with the amount of stress this involved i kind of expected the world to explode

okay fine i'll admit it, i'm a furry

you assholes did it, congratulations. what jail do i report to

Lots of people talk about how the pokedex entries in gen vii were really dark but no one ever brings up my favourite one

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