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zoey, an admin on this instance, would much rather talk shit about the fact that it's held together with little more than thoughts and prayers than take the time to fix the things she doesn't like about it

the phrase "personal brand" has to be one of the most cursed things in existence today

zoey: sometimes i wonder if i'm in the matrix and that you and the rest of my partners are programs designed to seduce me

me: 😬

i just want a good alternative to google calendar to sync between my devices qewkfwikejfqofkqw

the little one says i look, quote, "pretty tight", so i'm feeling okay at the moment

kittens who haven't learned to pounce yet but are doing their best, boost if agree

having trouble deciding on a movie/game/meal/? try this!

everyone in the group offers a couple suggestions until you have a reasonably-sized list, then have everyone take a turn removing an item from said list until there are two entries remaining and flip a coin! turn y'all's inability to make a decision into a fun game! and since everyone's eliminated their least-favorite options, you've got a decent chance of not getting any lemons (unless lemons were on the list, i guess?)

"sometimes people are smarter than cats i guess"

  • the little one

talking to the missus about her joining the fediverse [screenshot of conversation, tiny eye contact in avatars kind of]

i don't know why everyone is saying trans rights and i don't need to. t h e | q u i n n t e r n e t says trans rights :anartrans_symbol:

the missus just sent me a text message that reads "W or ry" and wow what a way to intrigue/terrify me

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