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my saproling deck is beginning to come together

my beautiful children will cover the world in spores ;~;



dugtrio is a polycule
magnemite is a polycule
exeggcute is a polycule
zygarde cells form a polycule

in short, all pokemon that are multiple distinct entities forming one "creature" are polycules. this excludes some, but not all, pokemon who have multiple heads on one body

idea for an scp 


hello everyone

this is your periodic reminder that you're worthwhile

a selfie; eye contact :boost_ok:​ 

nonsense; pokemon (no spoilers), food, junkfood, and medicine mention 

and this isn't just because i'm a pile of queer nonsense who falls in love with every mom in the world

as a parent, i would absolutely love a means of raising children communally, with multiple parent-child groups all living together and raising and loving and existing as one family unit. this has been a dream of mine just about forever; it feels so very good to me

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