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i was a teenage markov bot: the zoey darling story

my trust issues stem from games with > 100% completion

sorry alex but i was listening to the adventure zone and griffin said he was my best friend now and so i guess you've been deposed

i'm feeling really torn up about it and i hope that you understand

the wii shop music is a memetic cognitohazard and must be contained

birdsite link, but cute ott 

gonna go live in a hovel in the woods and shun society and and farm mushrooms and and befriend all the animals and cackle menacingly at hikers

i'm so poisoned by the internet that i just muttered "nice" under my breath when the person behind the counter at the dmv called ticket number 69

somebody give me a good joke to post so i can be popular

the best thing i've ever done on a computer was alias reboop ="shutdown -r 0" and i doubt i'll ever surpass that

i've never felt so seen and so called out at the time. it's like sarah's saying, "i don't know if you're a person or a robot or what*, but i'll kick your ass regardless†"

*mood mood big same thanks

†yes please and thank you

mehsery [mehz - uh - ree]

that sort of depression where you just cannot give a shit

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