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finances, request for assistance, :boost_ok:​ 

hey what's the term for when you're like, building a thing and during prep you organize all the parts you'll be using? like, in cooking it's mise en place, but there's another term for building stuff i'm pretty sure?

the missus: trying to organize a meeting with a possible buyer for some of her crafts

@zoey : working on resolving issues with her company's website

me: looking for the last dang cucco in kakariko village omg where the heck is this baby

my terrible secret has been revealed. yes, i do have a "birthday"

fuckin' rich people and their extravagant bathrooms smdh

i'm going for a nap, someone please solve all of my problems while i'm gone

a selfie? no eye contact 

capitalism has provided me with many things, all of which have been bad and caused me pain

that said, there's a lot of good in my life. it's just that capitalism is responsible for none of it

as a beginner in the field, i'd feel a lot better not having to freelance

thinking of renting out my body to extradimensional beings to help with the bills, anyone know of a good agency to get in touch with for this?

meds, minor complaint 

i cannot take this anymore,
lying here awake, tired, and bored.
even though my pillow's soft,
still can't manage to drift off.
more i try the worse i feel,
time to drink some chamomiiile!

every sip of sleepy tea
(brings me one step closer to the bed, i'm about to sleep)
every song you sing to me
(brings me one step closer to the bed. i'm about to sleep)

[special thanks to the incomparable @checkervest for making this more than a fever dream]

the little one pronounces "sweet" as "tweet" and that's beautiful

them: thank you for being so kind to me

me: listen here, god damn you. you are a work. of art. and i will not rest until you fucking know it

the little one: *mumbling about something just behind me*

me: sweetheart i gotta be honest, i have no idea what you're saying

the little one: me either

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