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y'all the other day, @zoey and i saw an amazing sight

we were sitting outside and an older fellow with a long, white ponytail pulled up on a little moped pulling a tiny lil trailer carrying a beverage cooler. when he got back on a couple minutes later and started the engine, the main theme from "the good, the bad, and the ugly" started playing and he drove away. we were awestruck by this man and the little led cross stuck on the front of his scooter

meds shitpost 

someone come listen to music with me and tell me about good things

hung out at a comic shop for a few minutes and had a fun time talking about games with the folks there

it's actually very important to me that you heed these words

the little one said loves sports and when i asked her favorite team she said "the blue team" and oh my gosh y'all that's so cute and innocent but i'm going to twist it for my own personal use

it will never not blow me away that fishing is a televised activity

what i'm saying here is that if there were a competition to determine who the gayest, messiest, most useless gay mess was, zoey wouldn't sign up for fear of the registrar finding out she had a crush on them

i've known a lot of useless gay messes in my time, but i think zoey takes the crown

if you make a deal with the devil in order to get really ripped, those are ill-gotten gains

hello friends! can anyone recommend me some good folks to follow who focus on software and game development? specifically, i want queer, non-white and/or non-male perspectives

food; nonsense but also a real, actual thought i just had 

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