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arguing against the little one's plan of pulverizing her imaginary mountain to get at the precious gems contained within

ugh i want my fully modular robot bod already. give me a flying medusoid body, give me tank treads, give me specialized appendages for every conceivable use case. if i can't rebuild my entire physical form from the ground up to suit my mood, i don't want it

food hot take 

kink at pride, since everyone else is talking about it 

quick question for folks who know javascript 

a polycule map but each node is a star in the sky

a star chart but it's just visualizations of all your friends' polycules

hey, remember when rodney dangerfield put out a rap album? that really was something

edit: got the receipts

i think she's got all of my skirts now

all both of them

@zoey stop stealing all my cute femme clothes challenge

gonna pile up all my partners and then dive in like scrooge mcduck

tired: having a child to further your biological line

wired: having a child so you don't need to explain your knowledge of cartoons to anyone

sometimes i really just want to run through a crowded place wearing a lab coat, a dosimeter badge, and a panicked expression

my little niece just realized that she could put her finger through the hole in my earlobe and she is *thrilled*

workshopping an idea for a turn-based rpg secret boss encounter where you just fight a child who thinks they know martial arts, and their silly flailing is capable of doing massive damage to your party

they have the appearance of a health bar, but they're invulnerable for the first several rounds of combat, after which they have an absurdly high chance to evade anything thrown against them. their evasion chance lowers slightly every turn, and after they finally take damage it cuts to a little scene of them saying they're bored and wandering off to find a new game to play

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