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i'm launching a kickstarter to reboot pangaea, so that it will be easier for me to visit my international friends and partners

old animals are still babies

they're just wise babies

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hey look, it's one-oh-late

gonna go to sleep. nini, friends

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what even is this garbage, who let me post this?

wortortle looks more like a squir(rel/tur)tle than their younger sibling, who is actually named after the hybrid

makes you think

overwhelming tech-illiterate retail managers with my cyberpunk prowess by making superficial edits to their company's website via dev tools and walking out with thousands of dollars in gift cards, dark synthwave playing all the while from a small bluetooth speaker concealed within my denim vest

there may come a time when you will ask yourself, "why am i following cyrene? i don't even *like* clown penises!"

the answer is that you are a masochist

debugging code by transplanting the affected blocks into empty documents so the bugs can live in peace

take your meds!
drink some water!
eat a food!
back up your files!
message a friend!
burn down a bank!
take a walk!
say something nice about yourself!

love is not a finite resource

use that to your advantage and spread some around!

you know, on mobile this actually looks much better than i expected it to

drinking tap water from stemware because i am fancy

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