lb: how are y'all not more excited about these babies though!

quinnternet's been down forever and i haven't got the spoons to try and maintain it at the moment so i've just been spreading my nonsense over on snouts dot online

whqt if my homestuck typing quirk is thqt i replqce the letter 'a' with 'q' in qll instqnces where it should show up

the little one: we need to get a bigger house
me: why is that?
her: dragons

i got me a new account for posting furry nonsense, you can follow if you wanna but you know how bad i am at actually maintaining multiple accounts so who knows

anyway it's @squeak

re: animal crossing 

sorry, i can't help you right now. i'm doing my space-taxes

re: animal crossing 

re: animal crossing 

animal crossing 

the little one is playing slime rancher and has one goal:

vacuum the moon

@Anke the missus works with resin from time to time, and she uses a torch to remove air bubbles from her casts before they cure

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