me: finally gonna set up an ssh connection on my phone so i can reboot the quinnternet when it goes down

my phone: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah [show more]

watching pj masks with the little one and had a bad idea for a show 

hey. why is android's file manager just the worst?

the missus, in the kitchen: hey q, i *turns on stand mixer, drowning out her words almost completely*

me, on couch, smothered in blankets with a child sitting on me: wh. *raises voice* i can't hear you sweetheart, turn off the mixer

the missus: *still talking, turns on garbage disposal*

me: *now shouting* i can't hear you and i can't move, honey

the missus: *exits kitchen* quinn i was asking for help

me: mmmm...

@efi @Sapphicgiraffic i was going to mention datamining values too, but ultimately the point of my post was i was given a description that read "for when you're too big to fail..." and that's just literally not anything. i don't need a spreadsheet detailing how effective it is under given circumstances, just give me a few words about what i can expect from this. it breaks my immersion more when i have to close the game and find a wiki than if the tooltip says it gives me a 5% bonus against stinky things

re: gaming take 

gaming take 

look i just want love and gentle affection from someone who could squish me like a grape, is that so much to ask?

@SuperCee this is a 40th/45th anniversary crossover event. they should have the entire animation team wearing hello kitty-decorated gundam costumes playing out space battles in a zero-gravity airplane like they use for astronaut training, not a six-minute cartoon with cut corners

@SuperCee i misread this as "a mech in a gundam" and was incredibly disappointed

was gonna write a til post about an interesting thing that i heard, but then after doing one (1) wikipedia, i discovered that it was less a "fun fact" and more a "fun one of several possible ideas regarding a thing"

do your research, podcasters!

more circles in architecture

not circular rooms, though, i can't be in a room with no corners to back my chair into for safety

the little one might just be a natural at bloons tower defense

@Sapphicgiraffic as someone who is, and has been for some time now, looking for a job, just end me now if that's how companies are going to hire

it is 21:10 and i am s l e e p

good night, lovelies

saw a child in a slipknot shirt a little bit ago


annoying quinn habit of the now: making a sound which i can only describe as "kermit the frog delivering the world's most labored "heeeey..."

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