@asdflkjh I'm one of those sometimes
A bit weird that I can't take these heels off though-


i mean i'm only 6'1" but i have some decent ~4-inchers i rock from time to time

@asdflkjh we're a tall girl and we're afraid of high heels because
a) we have so very far to fall
b) doorframes only go up so high

@asdflkjh what? cant hear u from up here ur gonna have to speak up

@asdflkjh i have been known to be a 6'2" gorl in heeled knee-high boots, uwu

@asdflkjh Hmmmm, what about tall boots? High heels seem.....bad? Painful? Foot destroying? What about tall girls in giant stompy boots?

Even as much as I'm trying out femme cloths, NOPE NOPE NOPE to high heels

@Canageek they're not comfy, but they make a very satisfying click sound when you walk and also i feel very cool when i wear my knee-high stiletto boots

also it helps to intimidate my tall girlfriend when i wear heels to match her height, so

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