moth feels like a cooler version of what i could have been if i had just doubled down on my music tastes

@asdflkjh Listen I could very easily be not at all cool. You never know.

@asdflkjh I crouch dance around the house when I'm cooking. There's ONE uncool thing. More to follow

@moth wait, now i'm confused. are you doing that thing where you list a bunch of stuff to support my claim while pretending you're arguing against it? is that even a thing? because you're doing that

@moth i *knew it*

you can't get anything past ol' quinn, no ma'am. have to get up pret-ty early in the morning to get one over on ol' quinn

@asdflkjh moth is cool as hell!

b-but you're also cool as hell tho!

@asdflkjh cooler than cool!


slightly chilly! maybe becoming sweater weather!

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