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tall girls in high heels, boost if agree

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garbage computing joke; mildly lewd? maybe a robot thing? 

*retrieves bottle of tea from grocery bag*

hell ye-

*drops bottle, sending it bouncing off the arm rest and into the back seat, out of reach*


me, sometimes: i think i might download minecraft again, it's been a long time

me, the rest of the time: *watches dahl and kat discuss minecraft* this is enough

selfie; eye contact 

you can always tell when the little one is up to something because she'll sidestep past you with both hands behind her back, shouting "nothing!" over and over

she is the very picture of nonchalance

there is an little one besnuggled against mine tum

good morning

baby eye contact 

for a very long time i thought that letterkenny was just an inside joke about sleater-kinney that i wasn't in on

and honestly i'm still not convinced that i'm wrong

you ever write something and think, "wow i hate this", but you post it anyway?

a spell-slinging cephalopod is a occultopus


religion, hateful companies, food 

is there a slice-of-life series about npcs in an online game or something? because that sounds like it could be fun

my favorite method for avoiding questions is to exclaim dramatically and then roll off the bed, taking the blanket with me for the purpose of concealing myself from view

almost entirely unrelated, i deeply love the trope of the dad who is busy physically incapable of resisting the urge to tell dad jokes, regardless of the situation

coming out to too-online parents would probably be easy. just send them a text message that reads "inb4 'hi gay i'm dad'" and you're done

we have so much so left to sing
there's a storm for every spring
all we see and you and me
became from a star

*extremely palpatine voice* unlimited girlfriends!

any time i hear a baby vocalize while i'm out, it makes me feel very happy for the next few seconds. they're just so precious ;~;

the little one and i are in the car dancing to of montreal because we're nerds

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