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tall girls in high heels, boost if agree

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garbage computing joke; mildly lewd? maybe a robot thing? Show more

food Show more

re: money; request for assistance, :boost_ok:​ Show more

money; request for assistance, :boost_ok:​ Show more

us healthcare system Show more

good morning, everyone. please remember that loki~ is wonderful

could god create a pokemon so powerful even he couldn't catch it?

when girls laugh so hard they snort

in tower grove picking up lunch with zoey!

the display name on my first fediverse account still reads turing-complete bitch face and i think that's beautiful

what if quinn, but a sapient fungal colony

@zoey i'm outside your office! c'mere ;~;

petition to get @zoey to come to lunch with me

you're strong and good and you'll get through this

java? in my script?

that's. not actually how that works, really

blinded by the li-eeeght,
revved up labba-doot, adabba-dooba-deeba-doot!

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