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tall girls in high heels, boost if agree

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garbage computing joke; mildly lewd? maybe a robot thing? Show more

the future is filled with dark rooms and bright screens

quinn darling: feelin' sad and lookin' cute, since 1988!

hey mister! wanna feel my muscles?

a selfie; eye contact :boost_ok:​ Show more

the little one, angrily: "come on! touch my foot!"

the pokefusion thing folks are doing Show more

mirror selfie; eye contact, lil blurry, :boost_ok:​ Show more

😠​: photon seller, i'm telling you right now; i'm going into the shade and i need only your strongest photons

🌞​: you don't know what you ask, traveler. my strongest photons will kill a dragon let alone a man. you need a seller that sells weaker photons, because my photons are too strong

i'm a simple admin. i see nazis, i domain block

i often cross the missouri river in my travels, and today as i was driving, the rain picked up with sufficient volume as to wrap the entire bridge and surrounding landscape in mist, giving the impression of the river flowing in into and back out of a world made just for me

fuckin' love rain, y'all

food, silly nonsense, also completely true Show more

food, also mood Show more

sometimes you just see something cross your timeline that makes you go "ijwkhefkmcwthwirukg w NONONO WHYYY"

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