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work, finances, requesting assistance, please :boost_ok: 

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garbage computing joke; mildly lewd? maybe a robot thing? 

driving down the highway week my brendan a bit ago and we saw a "victims of communism" billboard, so i guess i know what we'll be ranting about for the foreseeable future

marten truther

is that anything?

like uh. like martin luther, but

someone should come cuddle with me

i'm just down the hall, in the unusually dark room. you know, the room that wasn't there yesterday it's quite cozy in here

escorting guests through my lavish millennial abode, guiding them down the hallway lined with hundreds of my favorite social media posts, printed on high-quality recycled paper and framed in handmade shadow boxes lovingly crafted from reclaimed wood

me: *trying to do some work*

dopple: okay real talk tho, i would fuck mario


i saw the word "robot" on my timeline and am therefore bound by my programmingcontractually obligated to remind you that robots

100% context-free 

me, to zoey: you're cute

zoey, to me: you're cute

me, to the little one: you're cute

the little one, to me: *hiss*

a selfie; eye contact :boost_ok:​ 

the little one has covered me in pillows and blankets, bringing me one step closer to my final form

cap'n crunch's oops all berries, except he's dressed as a police captain and it says "oops! all bastards!"

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