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work, finances, requesting assistance, please :boost_ok: 

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garbage computing joke; mildly lewd? maybe a robot thing? 

decided i'm going to make a scout uniform design for the little one's animal crossing character, and when she helps around the house or participates in school-related activities she'll start earning badges for it

listening to tmbg's "here comes science" with the little one because i am not an educator, damnit

animal crossing 

hi everybody the little one visited @heyheather island on animal crossing and they played tag and hide and seek and stuff for like two hours while i did chores and my girlfriend is a very good digital babysitter and you should all praise her for it

find a male oddish with a bold nature and name him jeff, so when he evolves he becomes jeff boldgloom

hey y'all heard of this car seat headrest? they're pretty all right

lyrics, drugs 

"in the year 2525" probably seemed really bleak in the 60s, but their projections were really generous actually

yesterday a young woman at my doctor's office said she liked my aesthetic


covid, food, education + 

strive every day to be the one straight people are talking about when they say they wish the gays would tone it down a bit

turns out that 1) listening to calm instrumental music when i'm a sleepy baby will put me to sleep at work, and b) i can't with my cishet coworkers this morning

solution: listen to black dresses all day

i need to build some eight-hour playlists for work days...

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