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work, finances, requesting assistance, please :boost_ok: 

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garbage computing joke; mildly lewd? maybe a robot thing? 

today is a good day for tromping through a snowy town in big, stompy boots while listening to stories of other worlds

a selfie; eye contact but not much else 

the missus: oh hell no. you can take my wife, but you can't take my scarf

okay so but what if like there's a frog and she runs a club and the club is called the lilypad and the entrance is an actual lilypad but the lil lily hinges up and there's a spiral staircase surrounded by glass that goes down into the lakebed where the club proper is and all the little animals just get down and also the frog's name is lily

food, nonsense 

a selfie; eye contact, close up, :boost_ok:​ 

good night, fediverse. be kind to yourselves for me while i'm away, please

re: shitpost; food, rainbow capitalism 

shitpost; food, rainbow capitalism 

genitals, meme; nothing, bad, ignore 

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