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garbage computing joke; mildly lewd? maybe a robot thing? Show more

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y'all the little one just made her first pun and it was a *masterpiece* Show more

the little one just asked @zoey *how* the chicken crossed the road, and i love how that one small change in wording turned it from the setup to a joke into an engineering problem

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me: i'm very thirsty, i'm going to get the biggest drink. if they don't serve it in a barrel i'm going to be really disappointed

@zoey : like the barrels that old, bankrupt millionaires wear instead of clothes? like the ones donkey kong throws? hey, how many bankrupt millionaires do you think donkey kong has accidentally thrown?

me: accidentally? none

a conversation with a nurse Show more

moustodon Show more

i just saw a very muscular gal on a bicycle and i think i'm in love

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